Tehrik-e- Shaor Insaniyat Alami Party ( The Movement for Humanism Global Party )

New World Order  






New World Order


New World Order is a new global message for the human world, where the image of the present world is given that what is going on in the current era of 2007, and what’s been done in past.

And it is asked that, Is the human world happy with the present condition of living or not if not then how they want to be changed, both spiritually and materialistically, what should be the yardsticks of change, what should be the standard of living, thus methods to reach spiritual realities are devised and living standard is estimated according to the daily life requirement of one individual that will be considered equal to all human beings on equal bases, where this standard way is divided into two parts one is called yardsticks for products (this is a standard where one is compensated for the fulfillment of his living needs in terms of goods) and the other one is called yardsticks for services (this is a set of services that will be on the part of the Global State, where state will be responsible for the provision of said services).


Advanced Economic System

This is a set of systems, where the entire interaction between individuals, groups, communities, are given an organize way (system), in other words a set of systems of man’s interaction have designed to fulfill the demand of the New World Order, and these systems are interconnected to each others, where the given yardsticks of NWO is being fulfilled by the AES.


Democracy in Real

This is a true picture of right and wrongs where it’s been said that in reality what democracy mean, and how one can play an effective role in his and the life of others in the light of the values of democracy.

Through democracy in real the principles of Politics and Establishment are given, that will drive AES.


Global Humanism

All human beings are same by nature and needs their physical shape and size plus weight may vary but not nature, they may be vary by psyches, ethics, and behaviors but not by bodily process and senses.

In general observations man is the only born who is the most eminent of all created beings due to his higher intelligence.


But he got failed when he started loving the self and forgetting the same self and nature, he denied all facts and logics; this failure is a question mark on human conscious that is a great tragedy.

If we analyze the over all settings of human then we will find that there are three characteristics human posses which  reflects human intelligence that differentiates him from animals but lack of one of these characteristic will make and indicate him like animal not a human.

Three things are that (1) Self (2) Same Self (3) Nature.


1. Self:

Self is the existence ones own, this definition implies that one must analyze his own existence that what for his existence is, How his existence is, Where it was & Where it will be and What will be happen in my future days and what after expiration.


2. Same self:

This is the race/ same beings of one own, one must know that what relations I have to other human beings, what they are to me why they are same as I am, what is their existence, what for there existence is, where from they came and where they will go, what will be happen with them, what help I can impart to them & what helps them/ in other words what is my importance to them and what is their importance to me plus how we can collectively meet living challenges.


3. Nature:

The universe where in we live on a piece of it, is to be known that what it is, how it came into existence, what is its purpose, what will be the formation force, what is the relation of the universe to me, why there are varieties of substances where some are of reproducing qualities and some are of non-reproducing qualities, how changes takes place in it, how I can search & know the cause, purpose, control, and result of the formation of the universe.

The perception and conception of above mentioned things and satisfactory answers will lead man to a happy and satisfactory life to the self of him and to his same self, where he can easily grasp the exact image of nature.

But unfortunately the past and the current human world is unconscious about such three things, they may believe some of them but failure to judge any of them upsets the rest of things in one own and the rest of general public, where one starts fulfilling his living needs by negative means, and negative means always leads to undeservingly caught & engulf the share of others.

Therefore its been needed to human to take up his conscious to understands the self, same self and nature in order to fully abide by living principles.

And every one knows that living principle is that what you like fruitful for the self must be in your likes for others but all in positive likes.

To know humanism it is necessary to follow facts and logics, the word humanism doesn’t mean that man merely think of a particular nearby group of individuals ( mean only human) but the word humanism too reflects to other living things whether visible or invisible (other created beings).


Global Religion

The whole human reproduction system hypothetical reversal proves that human belongs to single race of a single couple one male and one female,

But presently the human race is divided into different groups and each group call themselves as individual race and each group posses different religion,  some posses Monotheism, some posses Polytheism and some posses Atheism, and there are too many monotheistic religions different to each others, and too many polytheistic religions different to each others and atheistic beliefs too differs to each others, and further more each religion have many sects. And each group claims their beliefs as true and regards the beliefs of other as false.

Now the question is that how it is possible many different religions are all true to human of a single race,

How it is possible all claim there religion as true?

Atheism (No God exists), Monotheism (Islam, Christianity, Judaism etc), polytheism etc……

Human reproductive system hypothetical reversal proves human as single race then there must be single religion?

Is it possible that all the existing religions that are different to each other are true for human being of one race? Generally it is not possible, so we have do decide global religion and to adopt the real doctrine and to get rid from false doctrines.

The scholars of all groups should come together to collectively decide global religion.






Global Language

Language is therefore important because it is a medium of interaction, it is a communication tool between one individual to other, presently we are globally facing communication barriers & wasting a lot of energies & time to learn different languages in order to continue the flow of communication.

But doing so man fails to fulfill his needs, because human life is too short that can be called a packet of 65 years, now the question is that how one can learn all the existing languages in this short span of time in order to globally interact, and on the other hand what is the need of this complexity, mean multi-languages mania.

This is the time to be thought, to be plan for the coming generations so-that to save human energies & time from being waste and to give an easy and precise way to globally understands each other.

Therefore there must be a global language for the world education & that should be too precise and easy language by all means.

The NEW INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE FAIMZA is a suitable and appropriate language, that is being suggested but final decision will depend upon global consensus.



Global disarmament & elimination of organize forces

The loss to matter is from then when weapons & organize forces came into being, the human and the other natural objects are the victims of it, it harmed the world in multi-aspects (1) life (2) Means to life (3) Nature


1. Life:

When one asks for life then many question comes in to mind that what life itself is, so it can be define as “an object that gains growth in a specified form in result of composition of different objects” where some external factors are too needed to its survival, where absence of such factor will cause end to its life.

Now lets discuss the effects of arms and weapons on life, especially it harms human into two ways one spiritually and other one physically.



It harms man desires, dreams & ideas, beliefs, likes, dislikes, happiness, love, wants & needs (by others) hopes (from him & by others).



It harms man physically.


2. Means to life:

Man is dependent on other natural objects for his survival therefore these are means to life, every object have its own importance and role to life but human is harming it knowingly when he deals into wars.


3. Nature:

It is a common creational whole of universal objects, it is then an unexplainable detailed issue man consciously desires to have complete information and picture of nature with the help of his limited objectivity (mind) though man is as helpless as he can not claims to limit universe, but there are a lot of questions that can be only answered incase he reaches the realities.


Don’t you think that human’s fights are irrational, wars, intrusions, encroachments, arms and weapon rising, organizing forces are irrational …

Why we want to destroy humans, why human is the enemy of human, we all are brother and sisters, human reproductive system hypothetical reversal proves human as single race from single male and female, tribal evolution is not the case of species but also the spread ness of human being from a single point to the whole world, distance gave birth to language differences and weather gave birth to color, size and shape    differences, each community particular usual aptitudes and behaviors gave births to differences in cultures and as a whole it gave births to different civilizations.

After thousands of years when the descendents of the dispersed each communities found their fellow human beings with different languages, color, size and shape this was the first point of human controversy over the acquisition of land and other resources,  each community regarded their fellow beings as other species so this mistakenly adopted concept gave births to wars, intrusions, encroachments, rising armies and weapons, collecting taxes, and more advanced political setup, and since then human is fighting against human, and had destroyed billions of human and billions of other living organisms, and resources, and further more human is on a drive to everlasting atomic war that will be an end to life?

It needs a change, we have two options the first we are on pace towards the ever lasting atomic war that will be an end to life.
And the second way is change, a complete “Global Disarmament and Elimination of Organize Forces”


Global resource labor and consumption



The present picture of the universe shows its unequal partition in between human, where there is no proof of partition, incase there is proof of partition then it will be based on defined objects not undefined objects, for instance in ancient times man was only known to some resources like water, fisheries, cultivations & forest but the else resources were not discovered in ancient times, and when the thing that is invisible in one time but get visible in other time is how possible to be partitioned before its discovery/ visibility, fact and logics proves that one can not divide things that have not been discovered, so having this fact one can guess that “Universe is not divided in ancient times and nor it can be divide in present and in future, but it was captured and this method is being practicing.


Let know General Law of Dependency on matter (solid, liquid, Gas Plus plasma);

General Claim of Utilization of matter;

Dependence of one human on matters (for Food, Shelter and Clothe etc) proves the dependence of all human beings on matter.

Claim of Utilization of matter of one human (for Food, Shelter and Clothe etc) proves the claim of all human beings.

Thus it proves that matter is the joint property of all human being, present and coming generations, then why war, captures, encroachments.

Actually all needs based evils are useless, why we are engaged in bad and negative ways for our universal right, the thing that is our share is why being gotten with negative routs, universe is the joint property of all human beings.

Let show wisdom, It needs change, general law is require

Application of joint labor is required, produced goods and services be consumed equally?

The present and past world is captured by force, why we are crazy for encroachments.

Let leave silly acts, righteous way is our right, matter is the right of all human beings.



Equal Distribution of Goods and Services

As the needs of one individual in compared to other are roundabout similar/ same and not un-similar like one needs oxygen and the other not, one needs water the other not, one needs food the other one not, one needs health the other not, one needs education the other not, one needs shelter the other not etc.

Human have two things in common one having matter as their joint property and second the incapability to mange all life requirements himself, therefore joint property needs joint labour and resultantly the produced good and services be equally available to all humans.


Elimination of class distinction

Class distinction is the worsen characteristics of human’s personality, these are psychological failures, these are abnormality extremes, when one gets into abnormality circle then he can not perceives to realities and refused to, when man starts discriminating individuals by personalities; capabilities, physic, caste, race, religion, economical status, language, region, etc then it means that he gave births to social evils because a discriminating person always wants to take best things the self and give worse things to others, to do things through others and to not do things by the self actually such situations are called superiority and inferiority complexes, it is a mental abnormality when one thinks the self superior and understands others inferior to him, now the thing is that all such discriminations are useless & unfruitful, human needs to discriminate negativism and not to discriminate positivism. All human beings are equal there is no slave and no lord.


Global Justice and equity

The philosophy of humanism is based upon Justice and Equity when one will follow his life under the light of the principles of Justice and Equity then he will be called a humanism man (a man goodly tolerating humanity) when he will not act upon the principles of Justice and Equity then he will be called in-humanism man (a man badly tolerating to humanity)

Following are the principles of Justice and Equity:

  1. Every good thing that one liked for the self must be liked for others.
  2. Every bad thing one dislikes for the self must be disliked for others.
  3. One must not take the thing he not deserves and must give the thing others deserve.
  4. One must not be negative and must discriminate negativism for others.
  5. One must not be void of ethics and must teach to be well ethical.
  6. One must not be void of nature beliefs and must teach to be natured.

Now the impact of good result will be the wholesome prosperity in the human world but the bad impact will result in unwholesome milieu wherein every where there will be unease and this unease will turn into negative approaches and negativism always give births to social evils, that can be judge in history and in the present picture of 2007.